Le Vo came to the United States seeking education and economic opportunity. He had difficulty adjusting to the language and culture, but was able to find friends through religion and school.
Arminda Rodriguez migrated from Mexico to the US illegally to provide a better life for her children. She underwent several hardships before becoming a legal resident and being able to give her children an education.
Iudita and Daniel Leahu immigrated from Romania to the US to start a family there. Iudita came illegally as she was unable to get ahold of the necessary papers, but Daniel was able to come legally, having gotten papers from his military service.
Eve Dean comes from a family which has moved between the US and Europe frequently for work reasons. She has spent much time in Switzerland and with her French grandmother.
Daniel Santoscoy spent his life traveling, across the United States and to Mexico, mostly for work. While he has never considered himself an immigrant, he has explored different cultures and geographies.
Yuri Noda was born in Japan and raised by a single mother, who encouraged her to explore the world. As part of this journey, she became a youth representative to Canada and studied there, where she worked to balance pressure and enjoyment.