Saw Eh Tha Dah was born in 2001 in Ban Don Yang Refugee Camp in Thailand. His family was from Burma, but were forced to flee in fear of the government. He and his family moved from the refugee camp to Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Maia Lee was born in Laos, in the city of Long Cheng in November 1965. In May of 1975, Maia’s father had decided it was time to leave because of the imminent danger to their family. In August of 1978, Maia and her family arrived in the United States via…
Song Nguyen was born in 1996 in Hue, Vietnam. In 2013 Song moved from his life in Vietnam to the United States. While in the US, Song originally struggled with English, but has since learned a lot, in part do to his job with Genesy Works.
Enna Say was born in Sa La refugee camp in Thailand in 1999. In 2002 they moved to Mae La Oon refugee camp that is also in Thailand. In 2010 her family applied to be relocated to the United States, were accepted, and left in 2011.
Sengchanh (Tony) Manivanh 1960 was born in Vientiane, Laos in 1960. As a young man, he worked across Laos but was ultimately forced to leave his village, so he crossed the Mekong River into Thailand, where he lived in a refugee camp for two years. He…
Lor Say was born in Thailand in 1999. His family left Burma before he was born because of war. His family moved to Umphiem Refugee Camp when he was three months old. In 2013, his family resettled in the United States.
Chaw Sein was born in Umpiem Refugee Camp in Thailand in 2000. Her family had left Burma because of war. In 2008, her family resettled in the United States, living in Georgia for three years before moving to Minnesota.