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Amina Shire




Amina was born in Somalia and came to Kenya as a refugee in 2005. She met and married her husband in Kenya. On July 23, 2013, she came to the United States. She lived in Boston for two months and then moving to Minnesota. She works and attends English as a Second Language classes. She had her husband have four children.




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Amina Shire
Immigrant Stories Transcription

“Amine Shire’s Story”

My name is Amina Shire. I was born in Somalia. I came from Somalia 2005 and I came to Kenya refugee. I stay in refugee 10 years. Then I fly to America. First, I came to Boston. I stay two months. Then I move to Minnesota. I came to America July 23, 2013.* When I was in Africa, I cannot work. I just stay home. And now I am working. I go to school. My life is good. My husband is also working and go to school. When I came to Kenya, we married my husband. I have four kids now.
When I came to America, I think there is no Somali food but I see every thing is in America. My first thing I bring in America when I came from Kenya is Muslim prayer rug. I think I cannot get it in America. The rug is important to me because I pray five times a day
There is a good life in America. Better than Africa. But always I remember my country. It has been ten years since I was there. If I become citizen, I will try to go to see my country because I want to see where I was born. I want to see my family, my sisters, and brothers. I miss Somalia.

Note: In her digital story voiceover, Amina says she came to the US in 2003, but in both her script and donation forms, she writes that she came on Julye 23, 2013.