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Faye Avery Asuncion



She was born in the Philippines in 1996 and moved to America when she was 6 years old in October of 2002. She is the oldest of 4 children, 1 boy and 2 girls. My mother is a nurse and father is a counselor.




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Faye Avery Asuncion – Immigrant Stories Transcription
My name is Faye Avery Lopez Asuncion. I was born in an outer city suburb in the Philippines called Quezon City. My family and I immigrated to the United States when I was almost 6 years old, and that was almost 12 years ago today. It was always a priority for my parents to provide a better life for us than the lives my siblings and I would have had to go through in the Philippines. They knew that living in the America would give us the opportunities to strive for a higher education and to pursue our dreams. So with hard work, dedication, and most importantly faith, my parents were able to move our family of 5 across the world, more than 10,000 miles away.
Words cannot describe how much I love and appreciate my parents. From the struggles they had to endure to the persistent strengths that they had to adopt, my parents are the people I look up to the most. They are my motivators, my inspirations, my idols, my dreams, and most importantly my number my fans. My mom and dad are the reasons why I am the woman, friend, sister, and student that I am today. My parents have taught me the values that I inherit into my everyday life and dreams. They have always instilled the value of the importance of striving for my aspirations, but also at the same time being a humble and giving person.
So, my greatest aspiration in life is to become a doctor. I want to become a doctor not because of the paycheck or the prestige that comes with the occupation, but solely for the fact that I really want to help someone in need, and I think, for me, the way, how, I want to help people is to make them feel better. The feeling of making a difference in someone’s life, even if it’s only a small one, is super important to me and I feel like it’s just fulfilling and humbling. This is the number one reason why I want to become a doctor. I always say that with every person that I encounter as a doctor that I want to touch their hearts just like I know they will mine.
I have always known that becoming a doctor was what I wanted to do for a really long time. For this reason being, I have always never settled for less when it came to my education. In high school, I worked with every fiber in my body to reach my absolute best. That was why I was able to graduate in the top 5 percent of my class and was the graduation speaker. I know that this journey to reach my ultimate dreams will be one with countless hardships that will test my endurance and my faith, but I know that I have the support and capability of reaching the finish line.
My parents are my inspiration and the reason why I know I can reach all of my dreams. (In Tagalog language), “Salaumat bo mamy et dady para nahat nagin ang a nino para sa agin ads sa aking kapitad. Mahai bo kita mamy et dady.”
(Translated to English: “Thank you Mom and Dad for everything you both do for me and my siblings. I love you Mom and Dad”).