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Lue Lee




Lue was born in 1945 in Xiangnan, Zieng Khouang, Laos. He fought against the communists in the "Secret War" in Laos. When the communists took over the country, he left and came to the United States in 1979.




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Recorded in November 2014


Kuv lub npe hu ua Lwm Lis. Kuv tuaj teb chaws asmeskas no xyoo xyacaus cuaj.

Kuv daim duab no yog daim thaum kuv tseem hluas es peb ua rog. Thaum kuv pib kiag mam hluas hluas, ntshe thaum yuav yog kaumxya kaumyim xyoo lawm. Daim duab no yog thaum peb sib tua nyob thoob haiv heev.

Daim duab no ces cov tham hav uas sib tua es peb mus ntawm ces lawm thaiv .
Cov nyab las tam tom tuaj, peb sib tuab ces nyab las tam tob tuag pwg lug nas.
Cov no yog cov lekh uas thaum peb sib tua tam es qhia hais tiab, yog tus no yog tus no. Ces qhia peb ob peb tug, cov uas leader uas yuam mus sib tuav tom thoob, thoob haiv heev na. Kuv yog tus no nas. Tus no yog Colonel nyiaj lwm, tus no yog colonel vaj kuam, ces kuv yog tus no.

Thaiv tag ces, nyab lab tig rov qab lawm ces peb nyob tau ib ntub ces kas teb kas chaws, xuan lob nas, ib yam nyob li pauv hais tiab meskas yuav uaj li cas, nyab laj yuam ua li cas, suav teb yuav uaj li cas ces, thaum paum li ntawm ces nyiab tig nyiab

Ntawg teb chaws no ces thiv los ces tsim li los nyob ces tsim li los muas kam muang ces sib hais ces tawm teb chaws tuaj teb chaws no.


My name is Lue Lee. I came to the United States in 1979.

This is a picture of me when I was a young soldier. When I first joined the war, I was only 17 or 18 years old. This was a picture of the time we fought at the Plain of Jars.

This photo was taken by a fellow soldier. Many communist soldiers died after this battle.The numbers on the photo indicate who is who. It identifies a few of the leaders during the battle at the Plain of Jars. This one is me. Next to me is Colonel Nhia Lue and next to him is Lieutenant Colonel Vang Koua.

The communists retreated, we took the photo and camped for a night and then waited to hear our next assignments. Once we knew what the big governments were planning, we retreated.

After the country fell, we returned home to determine the next steps.Then we left the country to come here.