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Maria Hernandez



Maria de los Angeles Hernandez Castro was born and grew up in Mexico. Her mother died when she was 15, and her grandmother raised her. Maria came to the United States alone in 1999. She got married in the United States and has three children.




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Maria Hernandez Transcription
My full name is Maria de los Angeles Hernandez Castro, but here at the school they call me “Maria H.” I came here from Mexico by myself in 1999. Life was very hard in Mexico, so I came here to work and make a better life. Even though things did get better, I always missed my friends and my family from Mexico. Especially my grandma, she is everything for me. My mom died when I was 15 years old so I grew up with my grandma and she was my second mother. I decided to come here to the USA for the best life and finally we have a grand life, but my happiness is not complete. I wish my grandma lived with me but she doesn’t like the USA. She tells me she is more comfortable in Mexico. But I need her with me. I can’t go to live in Mexico because now I have a new family. I got married and I have three beautiful kids and they don’t like Mexico. When we go to Mexico to visit my grandma, my happiness is complete because we are together. When is time to come back to the USA my grandma and I feel sad and my children feel happy, but it is enough for me and I have to continue with my life. I try to improve my life more. Now, I am trying to get my GED to get a better job and forget my sadness about life divided in two: here and in Mexico. I feel comfortable here in the school because I found new friends and nice teachers, and I understand I will continue with my life. I hope to get all my dreams of being the best mom in the world for my children and me. I almost forgot. I want to talk about my dog. Her name is Bella and she is part of my family. Bella is a nice dog. She is black, she is 3 years old and we love her and Bella loves us.