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Zaki Omar was born in Somalia in 1985. He attended Shafii Secondary School. He moved to Qatar for several years because of the situation in Somalia, but he could not go to school. He moved to the United States in September 2014 and lived in Minneapolis, MN. His goal is to obtain a high level of education.




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Zaki Omar Transcription

My name is Zaki Omar and this is my history with my best friend Google. I have many memories from my childhood in my home country, Somalia. I remember when I was in the 6th or 7th grade. I liked being alone and trying to finish reading a history so that I could start reading another story soon while my same age friends were playing around. They didn’t have my passion toward reading and curiosity.
When I was in 9th or 10th grade, I always had questions and I never got tired from asking my teachers and older people to answer my questions, or reading book after book to get the full story behind something, such as when I heard about a successful leader or about a civilized spot in the ancient days. I have to ask and read about it until I get the full story behind it.
When I read my notebooks for the class tests in the school library, I always end up reading something entirely different from my school subjects. And that has made me sometimes receive low grades in my school test subjects. So, sometime I used to avoid going to the library so I wouldn’t get so distracted.
In my high school days there was something interesting called the Google search engine which is a website that can give you a piece of information quickly and easily. I felt it was something very useful for people like me. It even made me ask more questions. From that time onward, Google and I become best friends. I was using Google more than anybody in my class, friends, and family. When my classmates asked me something, I always told them to ask Google. Then they always asked me: what is Google? And how to find something with Google.
During my undergraduate education in Somalia, I studied information technology. Google and I become even closer friends. It was my primary source. It was there for me whenever I needed help.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t continue my undergraduate education because of the situation in Somalia. Then, I moved to another country, Qatar. I lived there only for a few years. But, with my curiosity and my secret teller, I knew about Qatar and everything around me more than anybody in my friends and family.
I couldn’t go back to my formal education, but my head never stopped asking questions and exploring about everything.
My favorite time is when I am alone and nobody is talking to me because I always have my own conversation with answer from my best friend Google. Today, like in my school days in Somalia, when I need a small piece of information or an answer for question, I end up reading with a passion about an entirely different subject or history of something.
When I moved to the US in 2014, my only thought was to continue my education. Everybody around me was busy, and I was alone most of the time. I got a chance to read more and ask more questions about everything around me here in the Twin Cities. I was busy with answering my questions, and I became again very close to my friend Google. As usual, when I ask a question about something here in Minnesota or the Twin Cities, I end up reading about the history in Minnesota: Vikings, histories about Native Americans, or about Minneapolis, or what the word county means. I get confused with the differences between Hennepin County and Minneapolis or Ramsey County and St. Paul.
Google is always my key for exploration.
When my family members ask me how much I loved them, my response is always one answer: I don’t have connection with anybody more than my friend Google. It was my loyal friend through my life journey from my high school days in Somalia until my move to the US.