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Sawuya Lubega




Dr. Sawuya Lubega was born in Kampala, Uganda. She came to the United States in 1991 to do research in HIV. She later decided to work as a doctor and complete a residency in family practice. She did a fellowship in geriatrics at the University of Minnesota. She has also lived in Virginia, Indiana, and New York.




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Sawuya Lubega Transcription

I’m Sawuya Lubega. I’m from Uganda.
I did medical school in Uganda. I decided to be a doctor because I have many siblings who are doctors.
Around 1991, I came to do research in HIV. Actually, I was mainly interested in research in HIV, so I came to do that research. And I found the research was a bit less than my expectation. So then I kind of had to change plans and I decided to go in the medical field. Like, I had to do residency and then fellowship.
We’ve lived in New York. I did residency in New York. And I also lived in Indiana, and before that, we lived in Virginia.
But later, I decided to do residency programs in family practice which I did, and then I did a fellowship in geriatrics at the University of Minnesota.
Family medicine is comprehensive and involves looking after the entire family. So, I kind of like that kind of practice where by I can be able to care for all family needs.
I was having children at the same time too, and once we became a family, and the children are born here, and so I decided to kind of stay because this is, for now their culture, the children.
I found the people in Minnesota very welcoming. In fact, after school I took up a job in Indiana and I worked there for five years. But, you know, after that I decided to come right back to Minnesota. It’s mainly- not the weather but the people in Minnesota- are kind of warm and nice to be around.
Community kind of like makes the people- one person can’t live alone, you need your community around you to relate to people, be able to do things together. You help out each other. I look at life as like a complete circle of life, and we are all part of that circle, so everybody needs to hold the other one’s hand to complete the circle.
And also I like to come to the mosque. At the mosque you meet people from different parts of the world but all coming to the same purpose: praying to their creator. So that’s another thing that I like about coming to the mosque.