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Alessandra Inojosa


Alessandra Inojosa was born in Fortaleza, Brazil. She moved to the United States with her husband and son on September 3, 2011 because her husband, who worked from 3M, was transferred to Minnesota.




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Alessandra Inojosa Transcription

“A special gift for Alessandra”

Hi my name is Maria and I’m going to talk about the special gift for my friend Alessandra. Alessandra was born in Fortaleza, Brazil. Brazil is a huge country in located in South America. It’s the only country in South America where they don’t speak Spanish; they speak Portuguese. She came to the United States because her husband was transferred for a new job position and opportunity of life in 3M. She came with her husband, son, and many dreams. She arrived to this new experience on September 3, 2011.

She brought with her a special object from her homeland. It’s a little and delicate figurine made up of clay. This figurine represents a musician from a famous band in Brazil, called the Pífanos. Her father got it for her at an art craft store. She shows these figurines to her friends so they can learn a little bit more about her culture and Brazilian roots.

The Pífanos are from a city in Brazil called Recife where her father and husband were born. The figurines bring her back memories of her childhood because her father had many of these figurines in his house when she was a little girl. These musicians perform at special events such as fairs, special holidays, festivals, and sometimes in the street. They dress up in a colorful traditional clothes and play different instruments including flutes, accordions, drums, and more.

This object is special for her because it reminds her not only of her father but her whole family in Brazil. Thank you so much.