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Taw Loe Moo



Taw Loe Moo, who is Karen, was born in a Thai refugee camp in 1998. His family applied for resettlement to the U.S. in 2009 and finally came to St. Paul, MN in 2011.




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Taw Loe Moo Transcription
“My Story of My Life”

My name is Taw Loe Moo. I was born in Thailand. I have six people in my family. I have three brothers and one sister. I studied in Mae Ra Moe camp in section four. I started kindergarten when I was five years old. There were fifteen students in my classroom. I
studied English, math, Karen, and science. Every morning and afternoon we sang country songs. After two years, I went to first grade. In this school I studied from first grade to seventh grade. When I was studying in middle school in the summer school, I went to live with my dad in Mae Sariang city in Thailand. I was very happy when I went to swim in Mae Sariang River.
In 2009, my family applied to U.S. After a few months, we had interviews in Mae Ra Moe camp, and after a few months, we went to Mae Sot for a medical check. We had seven days for a medical check. Sometimes we went to hospital for medical check, and sometime I played soccer with my friends. After seven days, we go back to Mae Ra Moe camp. After medical check, we waited until May 14, 2011. We came to Mae Sot and we had training one week. After one week, we moved to Bangkok by bus. We slept one night in Bangkok. In the morning, we went to airport. We started to go to Japan by airplane and we changed another airplane and flew to Los Angeles. And we changed another airplane, and we arrived to Minnesota, St. Paul, in May 24, 2011. When we arrived in the
Airport, we saw our caseworker, our nephew, and our sponsors. They are: Scott Pearcy family, Bob Lein family, Cherry Puls family, and Brenda Minette family. We took a photo together in the airport. After, we went to our apartment at 4:00pm.
After one week we had a lot of appointments: the hospital, the clinic, and the office. My older brother and I, we went to summer school for Washington school in June 19, 2011. In United States I started to go to Washington school in September 2011. I started in seventh grade in Washington school. I study English, math, science, and social studies. My favorite subject is math. My favorite sports are soccer and wrestling.