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Pa Eh Soe



Pa Eh Soe was born in Thailand in 1999. Her family moved to the United States in 2010. She is a student at Washington High School in St. Paul, MN.




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Pa Eh Soe Transcription

“People Change, but Memories Don’t Change”

My name is Pa Eh Soe. My family came from a refugee camp in Thailand. My family was working in the farms where I met my best friend, Pa Tha Mee. My saddest memory is when my best friend and I had to be separated. Being separated from someone that I was so comfortable with and had such good times with is not easy. She is like my other half. Every Saturday we played together. We played selling food and jumped rope. Before I went to the U.S., I asked my mom if I could take pictures with my best friend because soon I will be moving and won’t get to see her again. My mom said yes, you can take pictures with her. I go called the cameraman to take a picture of us. Each picture cost 15 bhat and it was very expensive for us. This is our last picture that we took before I came to U.S. I wanted to take pictures with her because this is our last moment together and also I wanted to take pictures with her because I knew I would miss her and I wanted to remember how she looked. In the morning when I left for the U.S she went to see me off. We were waiting for the transport and my best friend could not stand there any longer because she had to go to the school so, she left. I could not find her, and I was thinking that I will never get to see her ever again. When the transport was leaving, I was crying so hard because one of my mom’s friend, she was giving me a banana with sticky rice and told me to give it to my mom while tears are falling. It made me think of my best friend and my tears are falling too.
The first day when I arrived to the U.S I could not even eat anything or sleep because I missed my homeland and my best friend, Pa Tha Mee. I really miss her and thought about her before I went to sleep. When I thought about her I felt heartbroken. One time, I talked to my best friend on the phone for hours. She told me that she wanted to come to U.S. but her family didn’t want to come to U.S. Her family wanted to stay there and live there. My biggest wish is that, after I finish college, I want to go back to my homeland and share moments with her again. I wonder how tall she is now and what she looks like in person.
But I have learned a lot about different cultures in U.S. I have gotten to know a lot of people here. I made new friends here and have gotten a better education. Even though I have make new friends I'll never forget my childhood friends and my old best friend. I have grown up and my voice is different than before but my memories don't change and they won't ever disappear.