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Caren Cazares



Caren Cazares was born in 1995. Both of her parents had immigrated to the United States from Mexico. She reflected on the impact of her mother on her life, especially as she was graduating from college in Minnesota.




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My family is basically my parents, my mom and my dad, my two older brother, me, and my young sister. My background of my family are primarily hispanic. My mom and my dad they immigrated from Mexico. My Mexican heritage is very important to me, I myself try not to lose my heritage, my background within the majority group. I try to keep as much of my culture as much as I can. My parents they have always been there for me, especially my mom. She is like the biggest role model, especially now that I am a senior in college. My parents instilled in all of us really that you are responsible for you own actions and your own decision. Therefore I am responsible for how my life is drive. I am the first within my immediate family and my extended family to compete college, and go to college. And soI really don't see it as a pressure really, I haven't really looked at it that way, but I have looked at it more of I want to make my family proud. Like when I would talk to my mom about her childhood and her upbringing it was very sheltered and very closed off, she didn't want her kids to live that sheltered and closed off life. My mom impacts me a lot because of the fact that she didn't get to see herself graduate and she also told us that she wanted us to do great and to graduate from college. So a lot of her words were like "don't stop", "keep going", "you are almost there". They also resinate with me every time, especially, when I am doing an assignment and I feel like I want to give up or my mom's always in the back of my head motivating me. College, it can be hard, but it's worth it in the end. You do learn a lot about yourself. And because of that I am excited to graduate, but as well as don't want to graduate yet I want to hold on to that college career. I do want to extend my wings and go out to the world and share what I've learned and about myself to the rest of my community, whatever the community I will be able to in the future. Knowing that when I go walk the stage and see my family, especially my mom, who was always the backbone for everything really, it will be great. She always gave us the image of her being proud of us walking across the stage for college and she basically she doesn't want us to live the life that she lived. Growing up and having to immigrate and having to live a life a struggle all the time. She wanted us to have life easier than she did growing up and I want to make her proud.