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Subash Gupta




Subash Gupta moved to England from Ludhiana, India. There he met his wife and both then moved to Canada to work in a factory. They slowly earned enough money to provide a good life for their three children.




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My Immigration Story about my grandfather.

My grandfather was born in Ludhiana, India and grew up alongside his five brothers and four sisters. When he was an adult, he moved to England where he met my grandmother and got married. He moved to Canada when he was given a job opportunity. He became with barely anything as he only came with about five hundred dollars. He settled in Canada and had three children. Both my grandparents did not get very good education as they were both helping run their families’ businesses as children, so when they came to Canada they didn’t have the best paying jobs and both worked in factories. Working and making enough money was one of the hardest challenges along the way. One grandparent has to work the day shift and the other the night shift. This happened for fourteen years so the kids would not be left home alone. When my uncle was a teenager, they could finally leave the two younger kids with him and both work the day shift. Over time, life got better. They moved into bigger houses and could afford more toys. They really worked hard to pay for their children’s education and university. Now both my grandparents are retired. The work they did coming to Canada was a very good decision because now that they are old, the government will take good care of their health for free. My grandparents helped me, my mom, my uncle and my aunt get to where we are today.

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