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Jesus Balderrama



This story is about how the parents of Jesus Balderrama immigrated from Mexico in order to give their children better opportunities. Balderrama recounts the struggles of growing up in poverty and of being an intermediary between his parents and the English-speaking world around them.




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Hi, my name is Jesus Balderrama and now I will be telling you about my immigrant story about me and my family.

I have six people in my family I have my mother her name is Blanca and my father his name is Luis. I have two sisters one is named Angela and the other is Vanessa and my brother Luis Jr.

My mother and father met in Chihuahua, Mexico where they were both born and raised. My mother met my father at the age of 16 and my father was 21.

My father fought hard to come to the United States to give his future kids a great opportunity, a better one than he got. My father came to the United States a lot before he got married to my mother, my father came to America to work just like any other immigrant. All these things my father did for his future family influenced me to do well in my dreams, whether it is going to school to be a computer engineer or even going into business and trying to make something for myself.

My family and I lived in Saint Paul, Minnesota but would have to move now and then because of problems like power shutting off or the heater shutting off because of unpaid bills.

My siblings and I were born in the United States but our parents were not. That still brings a lot of daily struggles to the table for example paying the bills for my parents. My parents do not speak well English and don't really know how to do things in the United States so for that my siblings and I have to be interpreters for our parents and help them out with paying bills, taxes and a lot more.

One thing I would like others to understand about my family is that we have been through struggles. Maybe not as much as the next person but we have gone through rough times but we always sticked together through all those rough times.