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Gustavo Hernandez



This is a story about how the narrator's father was suddenly arrested by ICE and deported for being confused with a criminal. The narrator was in elementary school and remembers the struggles the family faced as the father moved through the criminal justice system before being deported and eventually brought back to the United States.




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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Please contact Immigration History Research Center staff for permissions not covered by this Creative Commons license.


My immigrant story is about deportation. When I was in elementary my dad was questioned by ICE. ICE had came in my house for nothing . As soon as they got in they immediately arrested my dad. At first I was so confused. I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t even know who were these random strangers who were putting handcuffs on my dad. They told us and my mom that they were gonna go take out my dad to question him. 10 minutes passed and we didn't see anything except for the dark empty streets. My dad was taken by ICE.

My dad was at jail for at least a week. The police were asking him many question. The police asked how long have you lived here. Are you legal or an immigrant. The Police thought my dad was a criminal that they were looking for. The guy they were looking for had tattoos and my dad doesn't even have a single tattoo. Then took my dad to prison even though he served a week in jail. I had to go visit my dad for for 30 minutes and we talked with him. As soon as the computer screen hit 5 seconds, it turned black. We had to go to our neighbor to ask him to sign this document to prove that my dad has lived here more than 25 years. He signed the papers and said he was so sorry that this happened to us. It was just something hurts us but we made it through it easily. Me and my brother had to stay for a week at my aunt’s while my mom went out of her way to take a plane from here Minnesota to Texas. Once my mom plane landed she knew what she had to do. She knew that she had to rent a car and go drive my dad to pick him up at the border. My mom and dad were reunited and my dad promised to bring me back a dog and he actually did bring me my dog. My mom and dad had to drive from all the way from Texas to Minnesota. As soon as they got here, they had to pick up me and my brother from school. As soon we got in the car, I seen my new dog.