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Abdullah Lami



Abdullah Lami immigrated to the United States from Iraq along with his family to attain a better education. While life was initially challenging as he missed his culture, learned a new language, and faced racial discrimination, life eventually became easier.




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Hi, my name is Abdullah Lami. I grew up in Middle East Iraq. I used to live in Baghdad in a small city. I used to live with my family which included 2 sisters and one brother and my mom and my dad. One of my sisters was a college student and the other one a high school student and my oldest brother was a college student. Life back there was not really bad. I used to go to school for just like a normal life and after school, I used to go to the soccer field to practice soccer with my friends. We also used to have champions against each others’ teams and the winner would get a reward.

I left from Iraq in April 28 2016 . My main goal when I left Iraq was to get better education and to have more opportunities for myself and my family. Little did I know that I would have to face great challenges and hardships, For example, language barrier, learning a new culture and most of all racism . I felt racism at public places and even in my school. My father was super star in soccer in Iraq but here he is just another person who is faced with all of these challenges.
I brought all of my immediate family members with me. I also brought my culture, traditions and Arabic language with me. I also brought dreams for a better life. What I left behind me was my dear friends and most of my extended family. Friends are the ones I used to hangout with for our fun together and I miss them the most.

Another thing that I miss the most is "asima" In Iraq, we used to have "asima", a tradition in which we get invited together like the whole family and siblings. There was different kinds of food and even the meal that we had together.

And now after spending three years in America, life has become a little easy. Life is easy because the language is not that big of a deal anymore and I have also learned the new culture. However some of the other great challenges still exist, like racism discrimination. But I m happy because I’m a student at a high school and I already have my dream job. And I am hopeful for my future.