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Nguyen Vo




Nguyen came to the United States from Vietnam to finish his schooling. He has found many friends and experiences in the US, but still misses his friends and family back home.




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Hi guys, my name is Nguyen Vo. Today I am going to tell you a story about a journal of my life. I was born in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh, one of the biggest city in Vietnam, is a beautiful and bustling city with full of laughter.

In my family, there are five people, my mom, my dad, my two brothers Lee, Nghia and me. We lived in Thu Duc district, a peaceful place. My mom and my dad worked on business. They made tofu and soy milk to sell for school or people in the market.

I was studied in Tam Phu high school when I was there. My school also calls "Green School" because my school surrounded by many trees and every student and teacher is have protecting the environment awareness.

When I was in Vietnam, I addicted in video games. I usually hung out with my friends and went to the internet cafe. I could play video games for a whole day without doing anything. I even dropped schools just for playing video games.

I left Vietnam after I graduated 9th grade in high school. The reason why I came to the United States because there is a opportunity and better education system here. I arrived to Minnesota in September, 2016. It changed my whole life. It was like I could restart a new life. I met new people, made new friends, started new positive habits.

I came here with my family. I left behind my bike and neighbor, especially my friends. I really miss them and I promise with them that one day I will come back and visit them.

I brought everything that I can carry because I have no idea what is the United State looks likes. The most important things that I brought is my pictures of my family. They are significant because they remind me the memories when I was in Vietnam.

I was very lucky to move to the United States. It likes I have a second chance to change my life from the beginning. And I guess that's one of the reason why I came to a United States, study hard, get a good job someday and be a proud son.