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Yuri Noda




Yuri Noda was born in Japan and raised by a single mother, who encouraged her to explore the world. As part of this journey, she became a youth representative to Canada and studied there, where she worked to balance pressure and enjoyment.




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Hey there! Let me just tell you a little bit of myself.

Since a young age, I had been moving and traveling around the world. My mom took me to explore the world to many countries, despite the fact that my mom is a single mother. I am Yuri born and raised in Tokyo who went on a little adventure that drastically changed my life completely. This is just the beginning of my story.
I had been a curious child. Throughout way too many “mother and daughter trips,” She taught me to always challenge things out of my comfort zone. So that’s what I did,

At the age of 16, I quit my high-school and went to Canada to study abroad by myself. I was lucky enough to be chosen as a scholarship student from the Canadian government. But I also had a big struggle I faced. It was pressure. The scholarship was merit-based, only one student per one nationally, which is out of all 12,500 Japanese international students in British Colombia, I was chosen to be representative.
Growing up longing to study abroad, getting a scholarship as an international student meant a lot to me. However, while it boosted my motivation to study abroad by myself, it also started to put high expectation to myself, that “I need to be successful.” Studying abroad requires lots of money. In order to save up for the tuition, I worked 13 hours a day for two months. The result started to show on a number, but I felt I was missing out something important in my life, which was my happiness.
It was not the happiest moment. My thought was simply occupied by the fear not to betray the expectation. This drove me to purposely see the people around me if they are beneficial or not.

However, The tensity within myself started to loosen up when I met so many amazing friends around me and surrounded by the diverse community in Canada. Some were adopted, some have a similar family background, some escaped from countries to live a better life. Since then, I started to simply enjoy my life, such as joining a volleyball club, dancing, and fundraising for Nonprofit Organization. Every day was a new finding to me, and it completely changed my perspective to see the world. I began to see how much I am blessed to receive the opportunity despite my circumstance of my family, and genuinely appreciate what I have at this moment. Going somewhere new makes people easy to be in a shell and stuck in a comfort zone. But now, anything I felt challenging, I own it, as it is a new learning opportunity.

Once the realization, I no longer felt being trapped. I started to appreciate what I have in front of me, I could let go of the negativity of certain expectation, which changed my life drastically, and this is just the beginning of my story.