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William B. Story




This is the story about a possible family ancestor, William B. Story, who immigrated from Britain to the American colonies, likely for religious reasons.




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So I have watched a lot of videos on this website, and lots of people have really long stories about how they immigrated from a country and started over in a completely new place and made a new life out of it. And I don’t have that. I have a really short story that I gathered from different websites and I don’t really even know if it’s true.

I know that in 1637 William B. Story, who I am supposedly related to, but I don’t really know, arrived on the east coast of the New World from Norwich, England. He arrived on a ship called either the “Rose” or the “John and Dorothy.” He was a servant to a man named Samuel Dix who was a joiner so we assume that Story was an apprentice in that trade. When he settled in Ipswich, Massachusetts, he later married a woman named Sarah Foster in 1640. She was also an English settler who had immigrated from Norwich to Ipswich, and she was 20 years old when they were married.

The two went on the have 9 children together and their family eventually spread throughout the northeast of what is now America. That’s all I’m positive about. I can assume that because he lived in Ipswich, he was probably a Puritan. It had been settled by John Winthrop the Younger, son of John Winthrop. So we can assume that his religion was what brought him here. Along with his trade as a joiner, to help colonize and build a new community in this new country. And that’s all I know. It’s a really short story and I’m not exactly sure if it’s true or accurate. But that’s what I have.