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Vera Khomich



This is about a large family who moved to the United States from Ukraine at the same time in hopes of finding a better life for themselves and their children.




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I will be writing about my family and my extended family's journey from Ukraine to America.

My parents are originally both born and raised in different parts of Ukraine. My father lived in Ukraine all of his life until the age of 24. He has moved to Russia a couple of times for work and has also lived in New Zealand while he served in the navy. My mom kept moving from Ukraine and Russia and back all throughout her childhood. My dad lived in a village and my mom lived closer to the city. Both of their families had huge farm lands full of a variety of animals such as dogs, cows, horses, etc.

After marrying in 1996, my parents have decided to move to America in 2002. They have always desired to move since it was a dream of many to move to America. They believed that life in America was easy and there would be a lot of new job opportunities. They also had my oldest brother at the time and were hoping for an easier and more successful life for him and for their future children. My extended family decided to move all for the same reasons and also because of one of my cousins. He had a medical condition that required better health care than what he was provided with in Ukraine.

In 2002, My two parents, my grandparents, my two aunts, three uncles and their families decided to move with us. All of these relatives were from my mother's side of family. This means that my dad had to leave his parents and all of his family and move to America. They also left all of their land and their house for my aunt to live in.

All of them obviously felt sad to leave their childhood and culture behind. My mom left her closest sister when she left to America and my dad left all of his family when moving. It was a hard decision and they were both very scared because they did not know the slightest bit of English. My mom was very worried about finding a job and a home.

Life was very different in America than Ukraine. Things were a little bit cheaper here and there but my parents still couldn't afford a lot of things when first immigrating. They did the most they could for us and with the help of our family's support, we got used to the American life pretty fast.

Since my family all moved together, we grew very close and me and my many cousins grew even closer. We were always a strong support system for each other since we were all growing used to this life together.