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Samuel Tkachuk




Samuel Tkachuk's family has Romanian, Ukrainian, and Russian backgrounds. He grew up with his immigrant grandparents and learned about their culture and religion.




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This is a story about my family and how they came to the US.

My grandparents moved to America in 1989 lived in a Russian neighborhood and have learned English because their fluent language is Romanian, Ukrainian and Russian. My grandparents built their houses and stayed in them ever since they moved to America.

My family learned more English and kind of became more knowledgeable about the places they live in and life started to become more easier for them.

My family is very open and nice and that is what we believe we have to do as a Christian.

My family members met mostly through church or missionary trips, there was only one family member that met through work.

My family has lived in an American community so they have adapted to English and can speak it pretty good.

My family is influenced by things depending on whose side, my dads side is influenced by religion and church and on my moms side they are influenced by holiday parties and having fun.

That was a story about my family and their history in the US.