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Luba Vasilchenko



Luba Vasilchenko came to the United States from the USSR to seek freedom of religion and a better life.




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My mom was born in Astrakhan Russia in 1981. She and her family moved to the United states in 1996. She had some family in the USA and they sponsored her family to come to America. The city Astrakhan in Russia was very communist and had no freedom of religion. Some of my mother's family was in jail because they were Christian. My mom left Russia with her two brothers, her mom and dad in an airplane across the Atlantic ocean to join her Russian family in USA.

The only things they brought with them was a small luggage for each family member. They were happy that they were moving to the United States because it's going to be a new experience and America has a freedom of religion; it's not communist country. Life was different in the United States because people talked in English and the weather was warmer in the city that they came which was Portland Oregon. In the beginning, they had to carry translation book to communicate with people and buy any groceries. My mother started middle school and had to learn English very fast. It took her almost a year. She finished high school in Portland Oregon also she did some college. My mother loves USA and very happy that her parents made that decision to move from Russia.

My name is Maksim I was born in Portland, Oregon in 2004. I have three siblings. They were also born in Portland Oregon. My sister is eighteen years old she already finished high school and right now she is in Concordia University. She studying to become a nurse. My younger siblings are six and eight. We have very big family. All my grandparents and most cousins live in Portland so we like to get together to celebrate holidays. Thanksgiving is our favorite because we our thankful for this country. We also love Easter and Christmas. My family is very blessed that they can be in this country.