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Le Vo




Le Vo came to the United States seeking education and economic opportunity. He had difficulty adjusting to the language and culture, but was able to find friends through religion and school.




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Hey guys, welcome to my life. Today I'm going to tell you a story about my family and how we got to United States. My family has five people: my dad, my mom, my two brothers and me.

My mom and my dad meet each other since 1997, since they fall in love and they started to go further away. They married and Nhan, one of my oldest brother has arrived to the world. Four years later, I came to this world and became part of the family. Another four years later, Nghia has arrived to the world and became the youngest kid in the family.

We grew up together in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam and contains over 12 districts. Thu Duc district is part of the 12 districts and contains a large of population. My parents worked in a tofu business. The tofu they made are the traditional tofu that from the secret recipe from our ancestor. Instead of just making tofu, they also made soy milk and sell them to the market, schools that needed them.

Since our grandparents live in US and started to guarantee my family so me, my brothers can finish our schooling and have a better education. We left Vietnam on September 7th, 2019 with another family and our Vo family finally reunion after so many years. Arrived to United States and started to go to school on the next day. Seems like everything is easy for us but it is not. My mom has to go to learn about nails so she could get her certificate and get a job. My dad has to starts to learn how to drive so he could get a license. My two brothers and me go to school but we don't have lot of friends because we can't understand English.

When I came here, I left behind my family in my mom side and neighbor, especially my friends. I really miss them and I promise with them that one day I will come back and visit them. I brought everything that I can carry but the most thing I brought that important to me is that memories. I had been sad, I had been happy with my friends and especially my childhood. This is significant to me because because they remind me the memories in Vietnam.

As time changed, my mom finally got a job and she works at our family nail salon located in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. My dad can started to drive and he works for big company. Our English has improve over time. I started to join Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement and started to have friends, we hang out and have a lot of parties, we prayed, we went on vacation and we growth in faith together.

Life been going up and down for me, but at least for the past year I have been experienced United States. I traveled to California to meet my uncle with my family and we went to Disney Land in summer 2017. I went to Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement camp in summer 2018 and summer 2019. I also went to Wisconsin Dells with my family in summer 2019. And the most memories that I had in United States is that I went to National Catholic Youth Conferences in Indianapolis in November 2019 and I made lot of new friends from many different states in United States.

Overall, I think I was very lucky to move to the United States because it is not easy to move to a different countries. It likes I have a second chance to change my life from the beginning so I could be successful in the future. And I guess that's one of the reason why I came to a United States, I had to study hard, get a good job someday and be a proud son.

Thank you for listening.