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Alejandra Cruz Blanco



Alejandra's mother was her first family member to emigrate to the United States. Alejandra stayed in Mexico with her father while her mother and later brothers emigrated, but she finally joined them in Minnesota years later.




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Alejandra Cruz Blanco
Digital Story Transcription

Hello, my name is Alejandra and I am from México, state of México. The first member of my family to immigrate was my mom. My brothers and I had to stay because we could not get our visas. My mom returned to México three years later and finally we got our visas. Then my mom and brothers immigrated to Minnesota and I decided to stay with my dad. After five years later, I decided to immigrate to the United States to be with my mom and brothers.
Something special that I brought with me were my pink folklórica skirt and dress. I started dancing since I was twelve years old, and one of my favorite dances is the Mexican folklore. I enjoyed ballet folklore when I was fourteen years old. I used to perform in events and traditional celebrations such as Mexican Independence Day, Children’s Day, folklórica Father’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Mother’s Day. Dancing folklore is a way to express and tell the Mexican history. Mexican folkloric dance reflects the traditional cultures of each region of Mexico. I brought my pink skirt and dress to not forget the amazing moments that I spent in my practices and performances with my friends. My costumes and folkloric dance have been teaching me a lot about the culture and history of my country. I brought these costumes because I wanted to keep practicing folklore, and I have thought it would be hard to find a Mexican folklore costume in Minnesota. Now every time that I see my skirt and dress, bring me beautiful memories of my traditions and celebrations in Mexico. Those remind me of my dad as well. My dad was the one who introduced me to the Mexican folklore dance. He took me for my eleventh birthday to the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City to see the Ballet Folklórico of Mexico. Since that day, I got in love with the Mexican folklore dance.
I haven’t dancing folklore in five years, but I borrowed to one of my friends my pink dress. She is part of a ballet folklore located in Minneapolis called Escencia Mexico, and I hope to join the group this coming summer. For now, I am teaching to my nephew and niece about the Mexican culture, history, traditions, and how to dance folklore as well. Thank you.