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The Transition – Chittika Ektanitphong
My name is Chittika Ektanitphong or I go by Faith. I was born in Bangkok, Thailand. I moved to the United States when I was thirteen. It was a big transition for me to come to the United States because at the age of thirteen is was the age that you bond with your friends and your family. When I moved to the United States when I was thirteen, it was a very difficult time for me because I had to leave my friends and family back in Thailand. And, when I came here I did not know what to expect at all. I had to change the way I communicate with people, the way I eat, the way I dress, the way my life used to be, and I have to change everything. The reason why is that I want to fit in with people, I want to blend in with the culture. My family and friends back in Thailand have helped me a lot throughout my transitions. Without them I would not be able to go through it by myself. Even though it was a difficult transition, I feel like I have blended into the American culture. [Thai] “Mai wa karn plean plan ja yark kae whai tae yung ngai rao gor yang pen kon Thai.” [Translated] “No matter how hard the change will be, I will always be Thai.”