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Halimo Hassan




Halimo was born in Mogadishu, Somali. After the outbreak of civil war in Somalia, she and her family went to Kenya. She lived there for fourteen years. Her son Shermake went to the US in 1992 and sent money back to help his family. Halimo started her resettlement process in 2000, and she came to the US on 07/07/2005 with her brother. Halimo has had 12 children.




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Halimo Hassan
Immigrant Story Transcription

My name is Halimo Hassan. I was born in Somalia. I studied middle school eight years in Somalia before civil war. I have eight kids in Somalia.
My country civil war, 1991. My family come in Kenya, 1991.
When I was Kenya, seven kids. Ali he died in Somalia. Now, twelve kids.
I live in Kenya 14 years. My son Shermake get out America 1992 and he sent every month money. $200. My process start in 2000 and they checked my health every year in Nairobi for four years.
I came to America July 7, 2005. I had my mother’s picture with me to help me remember her and help me to memory her idea about education.
I keep the picture with me always. When I come to America carried African clothes and this picture.
I have four kids in the school. My daughter in college. My son is graduated Lincoln [High School]. My son South High School senior. My son Sanford Middle School. Now I study English at home.
My picture of my mother is not on the wall. I keep it suitcase with other important about memories from Somalia .
My mother’s name Asha Ali. My mother no school in Somalia. She has a business selling clothes and animals, goat and sheep. When I look picture of my mom, I love my mom. [Says “I love my mom” in Somali.]
(The digital story continues with several images appearing onscreen that Halimo wanted to show as a brief Somali history lesson.)