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Olga was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she was a doctor. She met her husband, a Bulgarian man living in the United States, while he was on vacation in St. Petersburg. They married in 2000 and moved to the United States. They have lived in Minnesota and, briefly, Omaha, Nebraska. Olga has two children and works as a personal care assistant while studying English at the Ronald M. Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning in St. Paul, MN.




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Olga Vultov Transcription
Hello, my name is Olga. I am a student at Hubbs Center. I came United States, 2000. I talk about my story.
I often think about this question: is life better for immigrants in the United States? Or in their home country? This question has a lot of different answers. For me, the best country is the United States. It has amazing opportunities for immigrants. You and your children have a chance to improve education, learn new languages, increase your quality of life, live in safe place, and much more. At the same time, the United States has the best medicine service, helpful or nice people, beautiful nature, cultural life, and many fitness clubs too. Despite its extreme climate, Minnesota is the best state for family life. This state has very good infrastructure. It has less traffic, the pace of life is more relaxed and you have enough time for rest. I am very happy to live here. It’s true.
On the other side is the question: should you remain in your original country? Should you start a new life? Staying in your native country has many opportunities, too. My country, Russia, is very big and strong. I graduated the pediatrics academy in St. Petersburg. I was a doctor, and my education was free. All medicine service in Russia was free, too. I could speak my native languages and stay among my friends, relatives, culture. Similarly, I could avoid very difficult immigration process. On the other hand, Russia had major problems for me. Russia had a lot of war and terrible political problem, including war with Afghanistan which happened during my life. Many men were killed during the last century. Women outnumber men. Therefore, in Russia, there is a lot of competition among women [for] single men. It is not enough to be successful, you must have a husband and children. I had a very good interesting job. I lived in my apartment, which was paid for. And I traveled all over the world. Many times I went to Europe. I weighed only 105 pounds and I lived to exercise: cardio, yoga, and aerobics. I had very active lifestyle.
One wonderful day in St. Petersburg, I met my husband. He was originally from Bulgaria, but he’s lived in United States a long time. He had just gotten divorce and very, very upset. St. Petersburg was medicine for him. He spoke Russian language fluently and loved Russian culture. He suggested that we get married after only three days. We got married after one year. We have been together for fifteen years. We have two wonderful kids and we bought my dream house. I paid the down payment after I sold my apartment in St. Petersburg. Every year, my family traveled in the United States. However, the first years were very difficult for me. My Russian friends helped me a lot here. And, sometimes my relatives from Russia helped me too.
I have been improving my English in the morning and I work afternoon, night, and weekend. I am PCA, personal care attendant, and ALS specialist. Not easy job. I don’t have a doctor job. It’s possible I could return to my high specialization. But it would be a long and difficult process. My goal is to get a nursing diploma and be a nurse practitioner. It’s true. I chose to immigrate in United States. Many problems in the first years, including almost losing my medicine degree because I prefer having kids, a family, and cozy house. I prefer working hard and living in the United States, achieving for my kids, family, city, and the United States.