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Unity Muna




Unity, a Karen refugee from Burma, spent two years living in a refugee camp in Thailand before being resettled to the United States with her father and sister. She lives in St. Paul where she studies English at the Ronald M. Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning.




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Unity Muna Transcription
My name is Unity Muna. I came from a refugee camp in Thailand. I would like to tell you about my family before they came to America. I lived in Thailand for two years. I have one brother and one sister. They are both married. I came to America with my father and sister. My mother passed away, so my father is a widower. I have lived in St. Paul, Minnesota for ten months. I feel excited in America because I see wonderful buildings and bridges. I also feel very happy in Minnesota because it was the first time for me to see snow. I had to change my lifestyle to wearing thick coats. Sometimes I feel very bored in the winter. I don’t like to go outside. But, I know there I also have opportunities to go to school and to find a job. I can also go to the hospital if I am sick and I can do many other things. If I still lived in Burma, I couldn’t go to school and improve my living standards because the civil war often affected events in my village. So, I was not able to go to school and have a permanent job. I come to the Hubbs Center to continue my studies. And there will be better than in Burma. My English speaking is very poor. So, I need to take ELL classes so that I will get a better job in the future.