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Amilyn grew up in the province of Abuyog Leyte, Phillipines with her parents and sibligns. She met her husband, an American, in the Phillipines. Amilyn came to the United STates in March 2006 to be with her hsuband. They live in St. Paul, MN.




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Amilyn Theisen Transcription
My name is Amilyn Theisen. I was born in the Philippines and I am a Filipina. I grew up in the province of Abuyog Leyte. Living in the province was a very simple, easy life. My whole family was very close, especially my parents and siblings. My other relatives were also close to us. If we had lived in the city, we would have seen much less of one another.
I came to the United States in March 2006, alone. It was my first time traveling internationally. It was at least a twenty-one hour flight, and that was my first long flight, as well. I was scared and nervous because I had seen many planes crashing in the movies. But my siblings and my best friend kept telling me to have faith in God, and always pray. And I applied their advice while traveling; I think it helped me to calm down while in the air. Also the flight attendants were nice to the passengers. For me, that was a long journey, but I learned to be alert and pay attention to my surroundings and to follow directions.
I came to the United States to be with my husband and to have a better life together. I know that I’m going to be here for good, so I brought some pictures of my family and friends with me. Also the prayer book that my best friend gave to me. That prayer book is very important to me because it came from my best friend and, most importantly, prayers are the powerful tools we need. Also I brought two pieces of luggage full of clothes with me.
Leaving my family and friends behind made me sad and miserable. But I just tried to focus on the positive, remembering that “there’s always rainbow after the rain”. I knew that leaving my family and friends was a necessary sacrifice. Being with my husband and having a good relationship with him is worth it.
I have lived in Saint Paul Minnesota since I arrived in the United States with my husband. We stayed here because my husband’s work is here.
For me, pictures of my family and the prayer book are very valuable, because my family is so important to me. The prayer book also has especial value because it’s a constant reminder of my best friend.
I call my mother and father every week because I had been separated from them for a long time before leaving the Philippines, and I didn’t get a chance to see them before I came to the United States. Looking at their pictures and the prayer book make me feel lively and pleasant because they are my greatest treasure.