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Ma Hla Nyunt



Ma Hla Nyunt is from Burma. She lived in a refugee camp in Thailand for a long time with her husband and children. Ma Hla was a volunteer in the camp's nursery school. Ma Hla and her children applied for refugee resettlement with her two children, but her husband chose not to come. She came to the United States in 2009. Ma Hla is a student at the Ronald M. Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning in St. Paul, MN, and she hopes to become an early childhood education teacher.




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Ma Hla Nyunt Transcription
Story about me. My name is Ma Hla Nyunt. I am from Burma and I speak Karen. I lived in Thai refugee camp for a long time. Every day in the refugee camp, I took care of my kids, and worked as a volunteer at the nursery school. Sometimes I felt sad about my life. In our refugee camp, adults and married people can’t attend school. Also, you can’t find a job outside the refugee camp. This is why I felt sad sometimes. One day, I talked to my husband about moving to the United States. I applied to be a refugee and my husband allowed me to immigrate to the U.S. with my two kids, but he didn’t come with me. After I arrived in the United States, I decided to go to school. That was my first start. I wanted to learn English and get a better job like some people do. I didn’t want to just stay home and take care of my kids. That’s how I lived in the Thai refugee camp. I realized that my life will never change if I don’t think about doing different things. That is why I am here, to improve my English and study hard. My dream is to become an early childhood education teacher.