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Paw Sie



Paw Mu Sie was born in Thay Baw Boe, a Karen village in Burma. In 1997, her family moved a Thai refugee camp, Nu Poe, where she went to school. Paw and her family came to the United States on January 28, 2012.




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Paw Mu Sie Transcription

“My Dictionary”

Hi, everybody. My name is Paw and I was born in Karen village called Thay Baw Boe.

We moved to Thai refugee camp in 1997 when I was 7 years old.

My family entered to Thai refugee camp called Nu Poe, which is the border of Burma and Thai, and we were the first refugees in Thailand and known as Burmese refugee people.

My family spent 15 years in refugee camp as I grew up. Finally, me and my parents emigrated to the U.S in January 28, 2012.

Of course, you never forget the day you came here. And I believe that immigrating to the new country is one of the big opportunities and dream for the refugee people like me so we can rebuild our new life.

It’s been three years in Minnesota. When I came here, I made sure to bring my personal valuable dictionary. I believe this dictionary will help me to my future education.

This dictionary is really important for me because I got this dictionary from my teacher who taught me when I was a high school student in the camp.

I love this dictionary because this is the first gift that I got in my class and also this is the only prize that I own in my 12 years students life.

This dictionary is really valuable for me because, every time when I open this dictionary, it remind me the result of working hard affected to the life.