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Ikran Mohamed Mohamud


Ikran Mohamed Mohamud was born in Somalia. Her family left Somalia during the civil war, and she grew up in Kenya. Ikran came to the U.S. on June 20, 2006. She is a student at Century College.




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Ikran Mohamed Mohamud Transcription

My name is Ikran. Originally I am from Somalia. I came to America June 20 in 2006. I came with my mom and my siblings.

Before USA, I used to live in Kenya because of the civil war in my country. Growing up in Kenya I didn’t see that much about my culture, and I left my grandma who used to tell me about our traditional culture. My grandma used to tell me to keep my culture no matter where I go in the world.

Then the time came my sister want us to come to the U.S. She sent us a visa. It was hard to leave my grandma. That night, before I left, I spent time with my grandma and she told me I will be ok, insha’allah. My grandma give to me a gift that was our traditional clothes. It called subeceyad. Those clothes are important to me because they are from my grandma. She gave it to me when I was coming to America, as a gift. She give it to me because she doesn’t want me to forget all our traditional culture because I didn’t grow up in Somalia and I was heading to America. Those clothes were important to my grandma. That is why she give them to me.

When she give them to me, I was at the airport. We thought there weren’t any Somali clothes or any Somali malls to buy any of our traditional stuff. I wear those clothes only to important events and I don’t wear [to] normal place and I don’t give them to the people too. I always keep them in a safe place. Every time I saw those clothes, I automatically remember my grandma and where I came from. I can even say I love them and I hope I don’t lose them.