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Hodan Dahir



Hodan Dahir was born in Somalia. She later lived in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya before resettling to the United States with her family in 207. She moved to Buffalo, NY and now lives in Minneapolis. She works at an adult day care.


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Hodan Dahir Transcription
Somali translation by Saida Hassan

Asalam Alekum. My name is Hodan Dahir. I am Somali. I was born in Somalia. I have seven children: four boys and three girls. I lived in Kenya in a refugee camp. I come to the U.S. in 2007 in New York. Then I come to Minneapolis. Then I get a house. Now I live with my family. I am working. My children are in school. I know how to cook the delicious Somali food: canjeera, bariis, soor, pasta, hilib, hilibari, and muufo.

Canjeerada waxaad u cuni kartaa quraac iyo qado ahaan, waxaa laga sameeyaa bur iyo galeey.
The canjaaro you eat it for breakfast and lunch sometimes. It is made out of flour and corn.

Qadada waxaa ku cuni kartaa bariis iyo hilib ari ma bariis iyo hilib geel.
Sometimes with the rice you eat it with goat meat or camel meat for lunch.

Muufada waa lagu qadeeya wana lagu casheyn karaa.
Muufo you eat for dinner or lunch.

Canbuulada waxa laga sameeyaa digir iyo galeey, casho ahaan ayaana loo cunaa.
Cambuulo, is made out of beans and corn. It’s for dinner.

Soorta waa lagu qadeeya waxa lagu darsadaa caano ama maraq.
Soor you sometimes have it for lunch with buttermilk or soup .

Cunooyinkan oo dhan waxan ku sameeya dalka Mareykanka.
I make all this food in the U.S

Caruurteydu way jecelyihiin waayo waa dhaqankayaga, waana muhim inaan karino cuno aan dhaqan u leenahay.
My kids love the food because it’s our cultural and it’s important that we cook food from our culture.