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Crystal Young was born and lived in Lijiang, Yunnan province, China. She was a well-known singer there who owned her own bar. Her second husband was a U.S. military officer whom she married in 1995. They moved to Seattle, Washington. She was later joined there by her oldest daughter. Crystal works with the Seattle Ensemble of Songs and Dances.




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Crystal Young Transcription

My aunt Crystal came to US in 1995. She was original came from Yunnan China. Her hometown was Lijiang. Lijiang is a prefecture-level city in the northwest of Yunnan province in China. Lijiang is famous because of the Old Town. The Lijiang Old Town is famous for its orderly system of waterways and bridges.
My aunt owned a bar in Old Town of Lijiang. The world famous Old Town of Lijiang is a UNESCO Heritage Site. It also was where she met her husband. My aunt Crystal was a famous singer in her hometown. She also sung in her own bar. Her husband fell in love with her because of her beautiful voice.
My aunt Crystal is the Nakhi people that are an ethnic group inhabiting the foothills of Himalayas in the northwest part of China. I am a Nakhi people too.
My aunt Crystal met her husband at Lijiang in 1993. She married my uncle Ben in 1995. My uncle Ben was an American colonel. My uncle Ben was my aunt’s second husband. My uncle was from Seattle, Washington. Since my aunt married my uncle, she came to U.S. with her husband. They settled down in a small county in Seattle. Now, they have lived in Seattle for 20 years.
Her eldest daughter moved to Seattle 10 years ago. Now, her eldest daughter Cindy has graduated from Seattle community college, and she works for an accounting firm in Seattle. Cindy recently married her husband, who is a Chinese that immigrated to U.S. They had their little girl, Taylor, in 1998. Taylor now is a high school student in Seattle.
Crystal got her green card 19 years ago. Now, she came back to China once 5 years. My aunt said she doesn't want to be a citizen of America because she goes back home frequently, and she doesn't want to apply for China visa. Now, my uncle Ben has retired from military. And my aunt works for Seattle Ensemble of Songs and Dances as a singer. Their mission is to promote Chinese indigenous culture and arts overseas. So, she has many shows in one year, and she is enjoying it. They have happy lives now.