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Nur Suleiman Ibrahim was born in Somalia in 1976. He left Somalia because of civil war and came to the United States as a refugee, living in Dallas, Nashville, and finally Minnesota, where he came to join family members. He is a personal care assistant (PCA) and a student at the Hubbs Center in St. Paul.




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Nur Ibrahim Transcription

“My Journey to the United States”

My name is Nur Ibrahim. I am originally from Somalia, and I am a naturalized U.S. citizen. I came to Dallas, Texas, as a refugee. My idea was to sacrifice for my family, so they can have a better life. Knowing that I had left my family in a country torn down by a civil war, I believe in the importance of family tightness because I have been taught the work skills that they require.
I am a newcomer to the United States and I didn’t have work experience such as communications skills and assembly line work. Then I moved to Nashville, TN which is also in the southern part of the United States. I immediately started looking for work and I found work. I started sending money to my family in Somalia. Then I moved to Minnesota for family reasons. My mom told me I had to move to Minnesota because no one could take care of grandma. My grandma lived here with my cousin, but she got married and no one was going to take care of my grandma. So I have to take care of my grandma. I worked in assembly as a computer scanner in Minnesota. I liked the work, but it was a temporary job. After that, I became a P.C.A. which is a personal care assistant. I still do that job. I knew I had to change my perspective. After a careful consideration, I decided to pursue education. I came to Hubbs Center and started in low-level classes. That made me understand the importance of education, work hard, and climb up the ladder.
I know that I have to study hard, so I can be where I want to be. Now I am in the writing three class and the G.E.D. classes. Going back to school was the best decision that I ever made in my life for myself and my family. I hope someday I will go to college and fulfill my future goals. That helps my family in the long term.