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Nathan Thin



Nathan Thin was born in Burma in 1991, and his family left the country in 1992. They left Thailand in 2008 and moved to Arizona in the United States. They moved to Minnesota in 2009. He is a student at Century College studying art.




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Nathan Thin Transcription
“My Family and I”
Hello, everyone. My name is Nathan. And today, I’m going to talk about my story. I was born in Burma and I grew up in Thailand. My family and I used to live in Umpiem Refugee Camp. We come to America because we want to get a better life, freedom, and better job. We got to America September 19, 2008. When my family and I got to America, we made sure to bring everything we need, like cultural clothes, family photos, and other stuff. When we are here in the United States, first we lived in Arizona. We had a lot of problems. We do not speak English. We do not have jobs. It is hard to find a job. And then no one helps you. We didn’t have money to pay the bills, like house bill, phone bill, electric bill, and a water bill.
When we moved to Minnesota in 2010 we knew that a lot of Karen people [are] in Minnesota, that we have a community here, a lot of people likely to help you out, so that’s why we moved here to Minnesota. And then when I moved here, I saw a lot of friends, a lot of old friends [who] used to live in the same camp with me.
All my project today is [a] family photo, how I find it or get it. I asking my grandma and my parents to find it. A plan in my life is to keep it and [remember] it. This photo is more important to me because I love my family and I love to show my family [to] the next generation. And thank you for listening. Bye.