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Paw Hser Nor Htoo


Paw Hser Nor Htoo was born in Nue Poe refugee camp in Thailand in 1999. Her parents and sister left Burma in 1997. She and her family were resettled in the United States in 2012.




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Paw Hser Nor Htoo Transcription

My name is Paw Hser Nor Htoo. I was born in Thailand, Nu Poe refugee camp. But my parents and my sister were born in Burma. All my relatives are from Burma.
Because of the civil war in Burma my parents had to move to Thailand refugee Nu Poe camp. They moved to Thailand Nu Poe refugee camp in 1997.
Even when they lived in Thailand refugee camp, they didn’t have a right to do whatever they wanted. Also they didn’t have enough food to eat. They didn’t have a right to go out of the camp and find a job. When I lived in Thailand I had a chance to go to school, but I didn’t have a lot of opportunity to get education. That is why my family decided to come to America. I remember the day my mom told me that we were going to move. It was in 2012. I was very excited when I heard that because I wanted to come to America.
On that night, my family had a celebration and all my friends and family came over. We talked, ate and laughed together. Everyone had a good time. In the morning, I left Thailand. The last thing I saw in Thailand is my house and my cousin. He sat at the front of the house. He was crying and felt so depressed, and the house was empty and lonely. My friend and I cried because we would not see each other anymore.
When I got on the airplane I was petrified because I had never been on an airplane before. When we were on the airplane my family didn’t know anything and we didn’t know how to speak English. I was fearful when the plane took off because it made a lot of noise. When I went to the bathroom, I got stuck inside. Then I started to cry and I called someone to help me. When they tried to talk to me, I didn’t know what they were saying, so, I had to show them by talking with my hands.
Then they told me to go back to my seat and I sit quietly. After that, they brought some food for me. I did not like the food in the airplane. The food smelled musty and also, when I ate those food, I wanted to throw up.
When we were in New York airport we had no one to continue to tell us the way how we had to came to Minnesota. We waited there almost one hour and we didn't know where we had to go and which airplane we need to ride. For a moment, we saw one white men. He was really tall and he wore a blue shirt and black pants. He came to us and showed us where we had to go.
We rode the third airplane to Minnesota. When I first time in Minnesota I feel surprised because it is my first time saw the snow and it was very cold. When we were in the Minneapolis airport I saw my cousin and some of my friends came to pick us up and waited for us. I was so joyful and weary at the same time.
Now, I have a good opportunity to get an education, have a safe life, good friends, and to have a happy life.