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Ku Ku was born in Klo Pa, Thailand in 1995. She lived in the Mai La Oo camp in Thailand with her family and studied at Young Ni Oo High School inside the camp. In 2014, she and her family moved to St. Paul, MN. She is a student at Washington High School.




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Ku Ku Transcription

“My Family and My School in My Camp”

I am from Thailand, the Mae La Oon camp. I have four sisters and one brother. Now, I live in St. Paul, Minnesota. I am Karen. My name is Ku Ku.
When I was born in Klo Pa, there were nothing in that place, and my family decided to move to a new place for our future life and get a good education. My family moved to Thailand in Mae La Oon camp.
When I lived in Mae La Oon camp, I used to go school at Yaung Ni Oo High School. It’s located in section 13. My school founded in May 2003 in Mae Kar Key between Thailand and Burma. The school could not stay there because of the floods. Then, they moved to Mae La Oon camp.
The building of my school was made of wood and the roof was made of leaves. The buildings were computer, library, office, and classrooms. My school had a student team that we called NGSO [New Generation Students’ Organisation] to help each other. It also had activities for students. My school had 500 students and 22 teachers.
In my school I had to test three times in a year. In my class they taught 45 minutes for a subject. In my school we separated the genders. I had seven subjects in my school. They were: math, English, science, history, geography, Burmese (?), Karen. These subjects were important for us. I liked to learn all of the subjects, but my favorite subjects were English and math. I also learned about some computer skills and how to find and keep information.
In October 2014, our family got a chance to move to U.S.A. but I did not finish my school yet. When I came to U.S., I saw many different things in my life and also different places. My family had many problems when we came because we did not know anything about what would happen and, also, we hadn’t a long trip like this. Anyway thank God for saving us in our trip, and we got to see with our relatives in U.S. But, I miss my old school and I hope one day I will go back and help my new generation in my old school.