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Htoo Ler Moo


Htoo Ler Moo was born in Burma in 1999. When he was a little over a year old his family fled to Thailand after Burmese soldiers attacked their village. He later moved to the United States and is a student at Washington High School in St. Paul, MN.




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Htoo Ler Moo Transcription

“Why My Family Moved to Thailand”

We moved from Burma to Thailand, looked for a better place to be. Before my family ever moved, we lived in Burma. Burma is a beautiful place to be because the sun shined down on us and we loved the view of it. Forest around us and many different kinds of trees, animals, and river. We hunted to live and farmed to eat. And also Burma is dangerous place to be because of civil war between Karen and Burmese. Most of the land have been taken over by Burmese, so we are not safe to live there. Live there could lead you to death. I [was] born in Burma. It was about one years and couple months later after I born, my village got attacked by Burmese soldiers.
They killed our animals, burnt our hometown and our farm land. We have to run as soon as we heard the Burmese soldier is close by. We don't care where we were going as long as it is far away from the Burmese soldier. But we can't all escape and be safe because there were many people. We don't know Burmese is close by until we heard the sound of a gun.
Many got killed and captured. And when they’d been captured, they had to work for Burmese soldier, like carrying their supply. And if the Burmese soldiers don't like you, [what] they will do is torture you in many different way before put you to death. My family escaped through the forest with many other Karen people. We looked out for each other. If we don’t, we are in hard situation.
We ran through the forest with bare foot on a rough and hard ground. We ran and ran until we got help by Thai soldiers. They helped us get to Thailand so it will be safe for us there.
Finally we got to Thailand call Mae Ka Kee.