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Kbrue Moo



Kbrue Moo was born in a Thai refugee camp in 1999. His family resettled in the United States and he is a high school student at Washington Technology Magnet School in St. Paul, MN.




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Kbrue Moo Transcription

“My Issues on the Trips to America”

My name is Kbrue Moo. I was born in Thailand refugee camp. In refugee camps our lives was tough and we lived in fear. For example, in order to get food we had to wait for one month so we waited. Even though we ran out of food you have to pay at store with your own money, but we didn't have enough money to buy foods. Fear was the biggest part of our life in refugee camps. For instance, if we wanted to go somewhere, we had to sneak out so they couldn't know. If they caught us they sent us to jail or they punished us. Also if they knew we hunted animals in the forest, they charged us for animals. It was not easy to pay. It was so expensive for each animal. In refugee camp it felt like we were in prison because you can't go anywhere.
In 2010, my parents decided to move to America. After my parents signed their names to come to America, we interviewed and were so lucky for us that we passed the interview. Afterward my dad went and checked his name on the sheets for people who signed up to come to America, and my dad’s name was on the sheets, so our family was glad and excited to come. Once we waited for weeks, we packed up our stuff to get ready. The next day we prayed at our house to give thanks to the Lord that we can come to U.S and prayed for a safe journey. On the next day we loaded our bus at the Thai gate. I saw lots of people were crying including my relatives. One of my relatives gave us a snack to eat for our long ride. My parents felt depressed when they had to separate from their siblings, but my siblings and I didn't despair because we were only 10 years old and under. It was my first time riding a bus, and it made me dizzy. Then I threw up. Suddenly, we were in shock because our bus got into an accident. My dad was injured by the window at his neck and they sent him to hospital, but the rest of us were fine.
Now we were in Mae Sot to take a rest for our long way. This place smelled putrid in shower and bathroom and also it was crowded. Near our hotel there was tall grass and a big round lake by the hotel gate. For a couple days the IOM people taught us how to live in America. When we headed to Thai airport the security checked our stuff that wasn't allowed in U.S. When I were in airplane I felt scared as we were so high. I used bathroom in airplane and when I flushed toilet I thought the airplane was falling or get into accident. As I looked outside I saw wispy clouds around airplane, and under the airplane I saw glowing city at night. Now we finally in U.S. Meanwhile I landed in Kentucky. It was rainy and windy.