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Ni Doh Shee



Ni Doh Shee was born in a Thai refugee camp in 1998. His family moved there in 1995 to escape civil war in Burma. He came to the United States in 2011.




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Ni Doh Shee Transcription

“Refugee Life”

My name is Ni Doh Shee. I'm going to talk about life in refugee camps in Thailand.
My family moved to a refugee camp in 1995 because of the civil war in Burma. My family moved to find a better place. My family life in the refugee camp was so hard because my parents didn’t have money. In camp we didn't have jobs. We couldn't cross the border to find jobs. We only got food from the United Nations. In camp we got food every six months. We put the food in a place that kept the food fresh. Every month all the people in camp went to get food like rice, beans, oil, and hot peppers. They didn't give us meat because meat was not easy to keep fresh. Some people made money by selling vegetables from small farms. Some people sold food that they got from U.N. Other people cut down the trees and sold wood to people. These were the ways that people in camp made money. People in the refugee camp didn't have the opportunity to go outside of the camp. Some people went outside to find jobs. If the Thai soldiers found out, they got put in jail. Thai leaders had roles for all people that lived in camp. Life in the refugee camp was difficult because we had to stay in the camp to survive. We had to listen when U.N told us what to do. I have many memories from refugee camp. I'm happy that my family had opportunity to move to U.S.