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Mai Xiong was born in Laos in 1960. She and her family were displaced by war several times. She met and married her husband in Vang Vieng, Laos, and they later moved to refugee camps Thailand to escape further violence in Laos before resettling in the United States.




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My mother's story.

She was was born and raised in a small province in Laos called Xieng Khouang. She lived and grew up there until the age of 14 with 6 of her older sisters and 5 of her older brothers. As her family ran through the jungle of Laos 3 of her older brother passed away due to heavy illnesses and being shot at and killed by the militia. My mother wept as she told me this story. She said she could always remember the constant screaming of denial and outrageous sobbing from her brothers and sisters and the panic of her only mother.

After leaving 3 of her brothers behind in the unknown forest of Laos, they arrived in Vang Vieng were it was home for the next 3 months before having to leave it all over again. There in Vang Vieng is where my mother met my father. They both got married at one of my uncles bamboo and wooden homes where they surely celebrating in recognizing my parents love. After a week has passed, they all begin to hear about new news of attacks on close villages near where they were staying. My parents soon decided to quickly leave and head out west, into Thailand, to seek refuge form the anticipated outcomes.

Once reaching into the refugee camps in Thailand all the thoughts that my mother could think was a life in the United States free of thunderous bomb dropping, earth shattering motion, and lighting fast bullets. As she settled with the few clothes and valuable objects that she has, she begins to imagine the stories that her own family would get to endure one day.