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Eh Moo




Eh Soe Moe was born in Mae La refugee camp in Thailand in 2000. Her family resettled in the United States in 2013.




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The United Nations has helped many refugee people in Thailand to come to the US. In 2013 my family applied for this opportunity. We had to wait for a while to see if they would accept us or not. When they accept my family, they called us to go interview. In order to pass the interview my parents and my older sister had to answer many questions. Me and my little sister are under age so we didn't get to interview. They said if my family fail interview we wouldn’t get to come to America. Once we pass the interview, we have to wait 2 or 3 months. Then we have to go to Mae Sot for a medical check. We lived in a refugee camp, so we have to take a truck to Mae Sot. I have never ridden in a truck before, so I got really dizzy and threw up. It took us a day to get to Mae Sot and my family was tired. We have to stay in Mae Sot for a week to check our health. If we have diseases like, TB, cancer, heart disease, and if you didn't pass the medical check you had to stay two week in there to do followed up. My family don't have any health problems so we only have to stay there for a week. Once we finish checking our health we had to come back and wait for 6 months, until the UN told us that we got to go to America. If we fail the health test we would have to wait more than 6 months. All my family members passed the test so we left our camp on August 13, 2013. Before we went to America people who work at IOM gave my family IOM bag. They said that we had to carry the IOM bag until we got to America. If we carry the IOM bag, people will know that we were refugee people from a refugee camp. Also if we get lost people who work in plane would help us to find our way. So the IOM bag always have to be with us. We took three planes. On the first plane we flew to Mae Sot to Japan and we slept one night there. The second flight is from Japan to New York. We slept one night in a New York hotel. In the morning of August 22, 2013, we flew to Minnesota. When I was on the plane I was so dizzy and threw up. After we got off in third plane we didn't know where to go and the guy that worked there sent us to the place where our social worker waiting us. Then we meet our social worker and he drove us to our house. This is my experience from home to America.