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Ali Salbri was born in Tunis, Tunisia in 1959. In 1981 Ali moved to Paris, France to study and returned home in 1983. He spent several years in Brussels and Oslo before moving back to Tunisia in 1989. In 1990 obtained a Canadian tourist visa and attempted to move there, spending 6 months in Berkeley. In 1995, after not being allowed to move to Canada, Ali moved to San Fransico for 5 years before returning to Tunisia. In 2007 he moved backed to the United States with his high school sweetheart and lives in Berkeley, California. This story was created by Malek Raach, a student at Berkeley City College.


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Ali Sabri was born In Tunis Tunisia in 1959 , three years after his country got the independence from France colonization. He was born into a family of four sons and his parents. Ever since he was a little child Ali loved traveling and the tough economical situation of his country also encouraged him to leave . Ali's immigration journey began in 1981 when he went to Paris France on a student visa to study mechanical engineering. After two years of study he came back home to Tunisia finish it in 1983, he finished his studies in home. Then after working for a while, the difficult economical situation remained the same so in 1985 Ali went to Brussels, Belgium on a tourist visa where he had his friend Mohsan. Ali worked there for over two years , and in 1987 he received an invitation to go to Norway from his own brother Mohamed who was a resident in Oslo. during his two years stay in Norway , Ali met a Norwegian lady and was planning to marry but due to the difficult language, the weather and the different culture in Norway Ali couldn’t adapt and didn't marry and went back home in 1989. And in the same year he obtained A tourist visa to Canada and in 1990 Ali went there to Canada and submitted an immigration demand to the officials and stayed there and worked for a year. In 1991 Ali arrived to the united states of america, exactly in Berkeley California where he stayed with his friend Lotfi for 6 months and later that year he went back to Tunisia and waited for his Canadian immigration approval which he have entrusted some of his friends of there. After two year of waiting ALi's friends betrayed him and didn't do the necessary tasks so his immigration file could be accepted. So in 1995 Ali went back to the united states on a tourist visa to San Francisco, California where he stayed and worked for five years where have a met an american lady and they married but after 2 years of marriage Ali wanted to have children and create a family that he could settle down with but his wife at the time refused to. Thus Ali got divorced and stayed in the United States going back in forth from His home country to the united states . And in 2007 , Ali went back to Tunisia and married his high school sweetheart and they went back and made the united states of america their permanent country of residency. Currently Ali is living with his wife and his two Daughters, Salma and Mariem in Berkeley California, about 700 feet away from the house that he resided in when he first arrived in 1991. After all these adventures across continents, Ali says that being a universal citizen was the best thing that have ever happened to him.