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Wei-Min Hsu




Wei-Min Hsu is a researcher at Pintung University in Taiwan. He reflects on his time in Anchorage, Alaska studying mathematics education and the development of mathematic curriculum for indigenous populations.




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Hello my name is Wei-Min Hsu.

I work at Pingtung University in Taiwan and mathematics education is my research field. In the past few years, I focus on indigenous mathematics curriculum development. When I read some research papers that basically quote the results of Alaska research team, I really would like to learn more about their processes and results. So I decide to apply a grant for a short visiting at UAA. That why I stayed at Anchorage.

When I left on July of 2017, I felt some nervous and exciting. Because the weather is so different from my home country, and could be too cold for me. But I could get more real experience to know how do they develop indigenous math curriculum and how the teachers implement in their classroom. It is a complicate feeling when I left.

When I stay here, the life is totally different from my life in Taiwan. I got more time to think and stay alone without my wife in Anchorage, and without teaching obligation and meeting with students. I have no longer busy schedule and could experience different school system, Native Culture Charter School. It give me another perspective to see and think about mathematics curriculum and teaching for native people. The experience would be helpful for my future research. And wish could make more connections with UAA or ANCCS.

Otherwise, during my visiting, even only stay for 6 months, I am really impressive about the nature beauty in Alaska. My family enjoyed the glacier cruise and hiking, and the snow and skiing. I love Alaska and wish someday that I could visit again.