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Shuiyi Hu




This story is about the narrator's experience moving to the US from China to study and the culture clash she experienced This is especially the case with race, as the narrator, moving from a majority to a minority, considers what her race actually means to her and those around her.




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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Please contact Immigration History Research Center staff for permissions not covered by this Creative Commons license.


I was born in a small but busy town in Suzhou, a city in the South of China. When I was five, I went to Shanghai with my father because of my father’s job, and my mother still lived in the small town. When I was nine, all my family moved back to Suzhou, the city I lived before I came to the US. I lived in the South of China for 18 years. I thought I was common before I came to the US. What I thought was quite similar with what other people thought. There were not many differences in cultures between people from other cities and me. I had no ideas about the meanings of my race and how it would influence my life.

I came to the US for university in August 2018. I know that there are many races in the US, but I still don’t realize what my race means to me. I notice the differences of the appearances, customs and cultures between different races. I begin to realize that I’m different from other people, and I want to learn more about the differences. I begin to think about my race and its meanings. In China, I am considered as the majority, but now I am considered as the minority in the US. I am considered as Asian by the society. However, I am more willing to being considered as a Chinese by myself. I am different from other people who are considered as Asian. My culture is different from cultures of other Asian. My race begins to influence my life and my feelings. I heard some people speaking some bad words to my friends and me. I feel angry but confused about their attitudes. Sometimes I feel confused when other people are talking about their ideas about some topics; their ideas are quite different from my ideas. However, my thoughts become common again when I discuss these topics with my friends. Sometimes I feel lonely because of the differences of ideas and cultures. I feel like that I am the only person who don’t understand other people’s ideas and cultures.

I saw a football game with my friends after I came here. I was excited when I was watching the game. However, I felt that it was hard for me to feel as excited as other people during the game. None of my friends was excited as other people. I found that I was different from other people.

Now, I am trying to understand their ideas and learn more about their cultures. At the same, time, I am exploring the meanings of my race. I believe it will take me a long time to explore the meanings of my race.