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Moses Snegur




Moses Snegur grew up in a large family with a Moldovan father and a Kazakh mother. He grew close with him family, which was important during financial difficulties after the 2008 economic crash.




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My journey starts with my parents because they immigrated from different countries. My dad was born in Moldova. It is a small place in Europe. My mom was born in Kazakhstan, a place in Asia. Both of my parents spent their childhoods going to school and working in their birth places. My parents both came to the US for a better future. My mom came to the US a few years before my dad. My mom worked for a sewing company and my dad when he came my uncle and my dad worked for a metal industry.

A few years later, my parents met and got married, my mom quit her job and my dad started working for a construction company. My sister was born and my parents moved into a bigger apartment, and then my other sister was born. Two years later I was born and three years after that my brother was born. Eventually my dad and his brother opened up a construction company and it did really good until 2008 when the economic crisis happened and my dad quit. It was hard that year because my dad couldn't speak English and he couldn't find a job, but with a lot of searching, he found a job and everything was good.

My childhood was really good because both of my parents had over 10 siblings and I had lots of cousins to play with. I spent lots of time with my cousins and friends and I still spend a lot of time with them. For my parents moving to the US was a good thing because they live a life that they would have never imagined in the places where they were born, and for me I would never want to move anywhere else because I can't imagine a better life anywhere else.